How does this service work?2022-10-21T13:29:29-07:00

Easy Peasy!

  • Step One: Book your order online.
  • Step Two: On your scheduled delivery day, leave your empty cylinders by the front door or any place that’s convenient for us to them pick up. (You’ll receive a text message and/or email with a delivery ETA and shortly after City Soda will swap your empty cylinders for full ones, kinda like a Milkman)
  • Step Three: You’ll get a final text message and/or email confirming that the delivery is complete and you’re all set to enjoy some Bubbles!
Do I have to be home when you deliver?2022-09-21T20:28:53-07:00

Not at all! If you leave your empty cylinders out for us, we will exchange them for full ones without you having to be home.  So if you’re heading out, just pop your cylinders out before you go.

Do you have a minimum order?2022-05-26T19:55:31-07:00

No we don’t! Most of our customers will exchange three cylinders or more to achieve the best savings on shipping.

What cities do you deliver to?2022-12-07T21:16:07-08:00

We are currently servicing the following cities:

  • Vancouver
  • North Shore (North and West Vancouver)
  • Burnaby
  • New Westminster
  • Port Moody
  • Port Coquitlam
  • Coquitlam
  • Richmond
  • Surrey
  • North Delta

Be sure to sign up for our mailing list or follow our Instagram or Facebook pages, to receive information on when we will be servicing your city.

How much do you charge for delivery?2023-08-17T20:20:59-07:00

The more you buy, the more you save!

  • Orders under $30 =  $6.99
  • Orders over $30 = FREE Delivery!
  • All new spare cylinders = FREE Delivery!

Take advantage of Free Delivery by exchanging three or more cylinders at a time.

What days of the week do you deliver?2023-08-17T20:36:23-07:00

Starting July 4th 2023, we will be offering deliveries 3 days of the week to all areas in our delivery zone

VancouverTuesday & Thursday | 1 – 8pm
Burnaby/New Westminster: Wednesday | 1 – 8pm
North & West Vancouver: Thursday| 1 – 8pm
Tri Cities (Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam): Wednesday | 1 – 8pm
Richmond: Tuesday | 1 – 8pm
Surrey/N.Delta: Wednesday | 1 – 8pm


Can I trade-in other branded cylinders for City Soda cylinders?2023-09-18T16:47:56-07:00

Absolutely! Our twist-on  and quick-connect cylinders are compatible with virtually all soda makers sold in Canada.  By using City Soda you can save up to 35% on your CO2 refills found in stores.  And the best part – its delivered directly to your door!

Please note, we cannot exchange the classic twist-on cylinders for the new pink quick connect cylinders at this time.

How does the exchange work if I live in a condominium?2022-10-23T09:22:33-07:00

Before you order your cylinders, you can provide detailed instructions to the driver as to where your empty cylinders have been placed.  Some customers leave them in their mail room where other packages are delivered, while others choose to leave them with their concierge.

You can also arrange to meet us at the front door of your building, or simply buzz our driver in to your building and leave your empty cylinder(s) outside your unit door for contactless delivery. We will notify you when we are approximately 30 minutes away.

Do you exchange the new Pink Quick Connect cylinders?2023-09-18T16:44:06-07:00

Yes! We now can refill and exchange the new  Pink quick connect cylinders

At this time we will not exchange the Twist-on type cylinders with the pink quick-connect cylinders. We recommend you trade in your blue cartridges for the pinks at any retailer carrying the those products, and when you need them refilled, we will gladly do that for you.

When do I need to book by?2023-07-08T09:51:36-07:00

Bookings close at 12 pm (noon) on the day of delivery.  If  you order after the cut-off time, it will be delivered on the next delivery day for your City.

What if I don’t have City Soda cylinders?2023-08-17T20:32:06-07:00

That’s completely fine. You can buy a twist-on City Soda cylinder for $34.99 or a Quick connect cylinder for $44.99.  As always, you can trade-in your other branded cylinders free of charge. Once your new City Soda cylinders are empty, they’re only $12.99 for each refill.



Will I get an ETA?2023-06-29T11:18:46-07:00

Yes! You’ll get an ETA about 30 mins before the delivery starts.

I only have one CO2 cylinder. Can I buy extra cylinders?2022-05-26T19:57:01-07:00

You bet! Just like our exchange service, our new cylinders are also competitively priced to save you money. We recommend exchanging 3 cylinders at a time to get Free Shipping.

Can I pick-up from your location?2022-05-26T19:57:19-07:00

At this time we only offer home delivery.

I received a “delivery unsuccessful” text message…2023-08-17T20:19:31-07:00

For bookings that couldn’t be completed because you weren’t home or your cylinders weren’t left out, please contact City Soda to reschedule a delivery.

An additional $6.99 delivery fee will be required for the re-delivery.   If you think there was an error, please email us to discuss.


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