Why City Soda

We have made it our goal to make the CO2 exchange service as easy and convenient as possible. Not only do we want to save you time, but we want to also save you a few dollars too. City Soda guarantees that if you don’t love our service, just contact us and we’ll take care of it.

Exchange Technology

City Soda utilizes the latest in delivery management and exchange fulfillment software to keep you informed of your delivery along the way. You will be notified by text and email during each step of the exchange process. Our dynamic delivery tracker allows you to see when the driver will be at your door to replenish your bubbles!

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City Soda


City Soda donates the C02 equivalent offset to Tree Canada to help reforest our land. Trees are one major natural way of cleaning carbon from our air. Every year one tree can capture up to 22 pounds of CO2 from our atmosphere. Sequestering it in the ground ensures we can continue to enjoy carbonated beverages!

Donation to Tree Canada

Our CO2

City Soda sources its CO2 from existing carbon-intensive operations that use carbon capture technology to reduce emissions. Before escaping into the atmosphere, the CO2 is captured then carefully filtered, cleansed and turned into its cleanest possible form – 99.9% pure beverage grade. In addition, City Soda uses only emissions-free hydroelectricity to power its facility and production system.

Our CO2 Sourcing Process


Wherever possible, City Soda utilizes either hybrid or full electric delivery vehicles to exchange customers’ cylinders minimizing our environmental impact.

Hybrid or full electric vehicles for Soda CO2 tank delivery
City Soda

Our Cylinders

Once an exchange cylinder returns to our facility, it is cleaned, inspected, and verified that it still meets Transport Canada safety standards. Only after it has gone through this inspection process can it be refilled with fresh bubbles and delivered to the next customer.

City Soda utilizes the industry standard 420g cylinder that is used by most home soda manufacturers such as Sodastream, Aarke, Drinkmate and more. The cylinders are manufactured in accordance to the requirements of CSA Standard B339 and are Transport Canada TC-3ALM approved .

60l CO2 cylinder
City Soda
City Soda
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